No one likes going to the dentist. But this doesn’t mean that you ought to let your patients’ online reviews break your dentistry practice.

That’s why we created ReviewTrackers, a simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful online dentist review monitoring platform for helping you listen to, manage, and respond to what your patients and clients are saying about your practice, firm, or clinic.

An application designed to serve the specific needs of the medical industry (including dentists and oral surgeons), ReviewTrackers aggregates dentistry reviews from sites like Google+ Local, Yahoo! Local, Citysearch,, HealthGrades, Dr. Oogle, HealthTap, and Vitals, among others.

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Why monitor dentist reviews?

Because your online reputation matters. It affects your business. Now more than ever, your existing and potential clients are relying on the Internet to find more information about you. They’re taking to online review sites and reading dentists’ reviews to help them decide whether they’ll pay you a visit or choose to go with someone else.

Dentist Review Monitoring

You need expert help to keep all these information online under control. By staying on top of your reviews, you put yourself in a position to maintain a healthy, positive online reputation – while minimizing the impact that negative dentist reviews have on your practice.

Dentist Review Monitoring Features

We here at ReviewTrackers work closely with dentists, oral surgeons, and health and medical professionals in order to develop a dentist review monitoring platform that meets your needs.

Get notified of new reviews. We’ll let you know immediately if you happen to receive a new review on a site like Google+ Local or Dr. Oogle. That way, you can respond ASAP and offer patients the best possible service you can provide.

Monitor and manage dentist reviews from one place. Looking for a way to centralize your reviews? Check them all in one spot: the ReviewTrackers user dashboard. With our proprietary data collection technology – designed to aggregate dentist reviews from all major review sites – you no longer have to visit multiple sites one by one.

Enjoy multi-location monitoring. Do you have multiple dentistry office locations and clinics? No problemo. ReviewTrackers is scalable and flexible enough to cover all your bases. From one central location, you can monitor all your online dentist reviews and evaluate the performance of each of your locations.

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