You’re busy. You don’t have time to check a bunch of online review sites just to find out what your clients are saying about you.

However, ignoring online reviews can hurt your practice, your business, your firm. That’s because, in today’s social media age, your prospective clients are looking up the Internet – in particular, review sites like Insider Pages, Google+ Local,, and Avvo – before they ever make contact with your law firm.

This is where ReviewTrackers comes in. Our powerful lawyer review monitoring platform is designed to protect your law office’s online reputation – by collecting all the information that you need to stay on top of what clients are saying about you.

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Why should you monitor attorney and lawyer reviews?

We understand. It can be difficult to track what your clients have to say about how your law office or firm operates. There are too many lawyer review sites to monitor and there just isn’t enough time for you to have to visit them one by one.

Here’s the thing, though: close to 80 percent of your clients are influenced by online reviews. If your prospects happen to find one-star ratings for your firm, or read negative comments about your lawyers’ costs or capabilities, there’s a chance that your client base will be significantly decreased.

Lawyer Review Monitoring

By monitoring and managing lawyer reviews, you gain better control of your law firm’s image online. You can identify and resolve critical issues that you may otherwise not have known about. You can respond to and address clients’ most pressing questions. You can be in a position to attract new clients, while minimizing the impact that negative lawyer reviews and comments have on your business.

Your Lawyer Review Monitoring Solution

We here at ReviewTrackers work hand-in-hand with lawyers, attorneys, and legal industry professionals to deliver unique solutions that protect your law firm’s online reputation. Our platform’s proprietary features include:

Comprehensive, centralized review monitoring. No need to visit multiple review sites one by one. ReviewTrackers collects lawyer reviews and aggregates all the data in one spot: your simple, easy-to-use online dashboard.

Timely notifications. Fair or not, client reviews can make or break your law firm. That’s why ReviewTrackers sends timely notifications of new reviews straight to your inbox – so you can know about it ASAP and respond before the fire spreads.

Industry-leading expertise. Our team is composed of online reputation management pros committed to protecting your law firm’s image on the Internet. We also happen to be equipped with advanced proprietary data collection technology, designed to track lawyer reviews from all the major review sites in the simplest, fastest, and most effective way possible.

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