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Don’t call Gillece.

That’s the advice given by the dissatisfied customers of a Bridgville-based (Pennsylania) HVAC and plumbing company called Gillece, which is known locally for TV and radio commercials that urge homeowners to “call Gillece.”

Negative customer feedback hurting the company’s brand reputation

As suggested by evidence on online review platform Yelp as well as on customer-feedback-driven sites, Gillece’s brand reputation isn’t exactly what one would describe as “glowing” – despite the visibility it has achieved through traditional advertising.

“Gillece was one of the worst choices that we ever made,” reads a one-star review on the company’s Yelp page. “They are liars and thieves.”

Reads another: “Just spoke to Gillece and frankly I’ve never experienced such terrible customer service. Laugh the next time you see the stupid owner on a billboard with a bird on his shoulder.”

An anonymous individual has also set up and, sites that dare to tell “Gillece horror stories” by publishing collected customer feedback – the worst kind.

Here are some excerpts of negative reviews on both sites:

We had Gillece replace our heating and air conditioning unit in 2010, for $10,000 and it has never worked properly since. Every time I call them they do something to get it working sort of and then tell me I need to get their $60 service plan so that they will respond faster and I won’t be charged. Crazy.


These are just examples of what you’d find about the company on the Internet. On another site – – the ratings for Gillece are unanimously low, and the single good thing a customer had to say about the company was that the “(rep) on the phone was nice.”

Fighting back with defamation lawsuit 

Gillece is fighting back against all these negative reviews and unpleasant customer feedback. Recently, the company sued over the negative comments on and, claiming that “the defamatory, false and disparaging comments caused Gillece harm and damage to Gillece’s business reputation.”

Gillece is suing for damages in excess of $35,000, yet it seems that taking legal action has caused a kind of Streisand Effect and prompted more customers to air out their grievances via social media and the comment sections of news reports. (Also check out: Shades and Blinds Company Sues Customer for Writing Negative Yelp Review)

Reads a comment posted on Facebook: “Gillece rep told my elderly aunts that he would report them to the county and that they would be evicted from their home if they didn’t get the sewer line repaired. $14,000+ later for a few feet of pipe on a level lot.”

“Best change your name and marketing tactics,” reads another Facebook comment. “Your business is very exposed. Call anyone but Gillece is a very common saying around Pittsburgh. Good luck with that. Sue me.”

Best practices in review management 

While the lawsuit may produce an outcome in which Gillece emerges victorious, the case highlights yet once again the importance of managing online reviews effectively – without, that is, resorting to legal action.

Focus on solving the customer’s problem. From the content of Gillece’s negative reviews, it seems that the company is more aggressive in its sales, marketing, advertising, and upselling efforts than in fixing the plumbing.

If it only invested more in the latter, the company can perhaps generate more positive reviews and five-star ratings – so that eventually its reputation problem will resolve itself.

Don’t respond to negative customer feedback by suing. When managing online reviews – good or bad, fair or unfair, real or fake – legal action should be your last resort. It sends a message – “Shut it,” “Don’t say anything” – that can easily be perceived by your most vocal customers as a threat.

There are other, more effective ways to deal with what customers are saying, such as writing management responses, improving operational policies, performing service training, and committing to service excellence. (Check out: 9 Effective Tips for Responding to Online Critics)

No amount of great advertising will clean a dirty backyard. Gillece is known around town for its commercials and “Call Gillece” slogan. The company has also, according to reports, taken to cybersquatting in hopes of building buzz around its brand. Yet these are all for naught if it continues to ignore customer feedback and identify the issues that are being talked about in negative online reviews.

Migs Bassig

Migs is the Content Manager for ReviewTrackers. He's a creative writer who has helped numerous companies communicate more effectively online, and he loves sharing his local marketing knowledge to help brands and business succeed.


  1. LucyW

    Wow…..a company that is suing their former customers…..I would stay far, far away. As a small business owner, you’ll get good and bad reviews……and if you get bad reviews, the best thing to do is contact the customer and see what you can do to make it better. Granted, I don’t have an HVAC company, and have never had a bad review (I run a boutique), but that is some very petty behavior on the part of the business owner. And reacting that way has only inflamed the fire even more…..get to the root of the problem, do a company-wide overhaul and start fresh…..or just shut down.

  2. Mary Rose

    Sewing someone for making fake negative comments is one thing, but if they had a good reason for doing so, is ridiculous. Everyone should have right to give review and nobody should be afraid of doing such thing.

  3. WanderingMommy

    If they are really providing terrible and over expensive service, they deserve all the bad reviews. I don’t see how suiting anyone can help the company. Because they started with the suiting process, they are even on a worse voice now. The leader of this company must be aware that at this point, there is no return. He ruined everything he built over the years. This is the power of online review management. You must be very aware of every single part of it.

  4. Manisha Sithembile

    Wow, aren’t anonymity and honesty the fundamentals of reviewing a business? I get that there are problems with it, but this is just WOW!