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Over $350 million.

That’s how much YP ( generated last year in US mobile advertising revenue. The figure makes YP – already one of today’s biggest local search sites and review aggregators – the number two company in the US mobile advertising industry, according to analyst firm IDC (International Data Corporation).

The site’s offerings already include the largest Yellow Pages directory in the world (by revenue) and a top 40 US Web domain in

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“Since launching in May of last year, we’ve aggressively leveraged our core business assets to accelerate our position as the digital leader in local search, media and advertising,” said YP CEO David Krantz in a press release. “In 2013, we expect mobile to continue to fuel our growth as we expand relationships with 50+ million consumers using YP digital products on a monthly basis and extend mobile reach across our Local Ad Network of over 300+ digital publishers.”

According to the company, the YPMobile app also generated 100 million calls to businesses in 2012. That’s about 3 calls per second: yet another demonstration of how mobile is changing the way consumers connect with businesses. Moreoover, mobile searches across YPmobile apps and the site exceeded 40 percent of total local searches across all YP properties, while paid listing clicks on mobile devices grew by 100 percent in 2012.

In grabbing a major piece of the mobile marketshare, the company hopes to continue moving beyond just an online reviews aggregator or local check-in service, to becoming an influential local search and media platform connecting users to merchants.

“(This milestone) puts YP in a great position going forward,” said Karsten Weide, Program VP, Digital Media and Entertainment at IDC. “For one, mobile advertising continues to grow rapidly. Last year the segment grew by more than 70 percent, and we think it will grow by another 60 percent this year. And also, with consumers checking for nearby information on the road, and with YP providing this data, they will see their business grow rapidly, too.”

Needless to say: if you’re a business owner, it’s critical that you claim your business listing on YP. That way, you gain better control of the information that can be found online by your existing and potential customers. And you can monitor online reviews being posted by your customers on the rapidly growing reviews site and local search and media platform.

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